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Through micro-made craftsmanship we permanently restore each patient's hair
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Articles about hair transplants

The following is a selection of coverage about the Ilter Clinic and our FUE IM hair treatment in the Swedish and international media. The links below will take you to articles about hair transplant in international magazines, journals and newspapers.

Sweden hair transplant articles

Täby Danderyd Tidning, June 2009: Scarlett Johanssons makeup artist talks about hair transplantation.

Metro about Heba Thorisdottir
Read article in Swedish

Aftonbladet, July 2009: Goran, 38, will have hair again. Says it is not worse than a tattoo ( in Swedish)


Expressen, April 27th 2008: Sunday Express writes story about Hans Olofsson, 35, who underwent a hair transplant. “Worth every penny. It gives life and joy,” he says. How Hans got his hair back The article puts scores on five different hair restoration methods and the FUE method received highest rating. (Swedish)

Aftonbladet, May 2006: New transplantation method gives Andreas Lundstedt his hair back. “Among the best things Ive ever done for myself,” he says

Amelia, November 2005: From Sweden


Expressen, April 4th 2004: Lars got his hair back (in Swedish). New method helps victims of hair loss. Lars wanted to fix his temples and went for an FUE hair transplant (in Swedish)

Iceland hair transplant

Morgunbladid, April 2008: Icelandic journal writes about FUE IM : Morgunbladid (Icelandic)

Turkey hair transplant


Form Sante, 2006: From Turkey


Belgium hair transplant

Magazine steps (Belgian) Bald or Beautiful

MD Ilter
Dr. Ilter has 25 years surgical experience and has been active in hair transplantation since 2002.
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UK hair transplant advisor
This is a blog from our UK Patient Tim about his hair loss and hair transplantation. Contact us if you would like to have more information or if you want to read his website click here

The Ilter Clinics FUE Method provides the most natural look by transplanting only anatomically correct graft sizes

FUE is virtually free from visible scars or other cosmetic complications

Recovery time is minimal

The Ilter Clinics FUE Method is the most minimally invasive restoration procedure available today

Why Ilter Clinic?

We usually perform only one procedure per day, thus guaranteeing personal attention and complete privacy

MD Ilter has personally performed more than 1,200 FUE procedures, involving more than 1.5 million grafts in total

Nearly half our patients come to us after undergoing procedures at other clinics

More than half our patients visit us from abroad

All procedures are performed by our founder and chief medical officer, MD Ilter himself


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